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A significant amount of building work can fall under the Party Wall etc Act 1996, and benefits from our services early in the process. By taking a proactive approach many issues can be resolved swiftly and smoothly.

The Party Wall etc Act 1996 is a complex piece of legislation which applies to boundary structures and works where there is no Party Wall, including excavating within 3 metres of and to a lower level than the bottom of the neighbour's foundations; or the ceiling/floor in a block of flats.

Party Wall legislation gives an owner carrying out work a right to do certain things without permission from the neighbour which otherwise would not be allowed. Some examples are to dig to a depth lower than the foundations of the adjoining property, go onto neighbouring land, rebuild or raise the height of a Party Wall or underpin a Party Wall.

Under Party Wall legislation, an Adjoining Owner is also given the right to having damage put right or a payment in lieu.

We have acted for both “Building Owner” and “Adjoining Owner” as agreed Party Wall surveyor and take appointments from Local Authorities, owners and developers or adjoining owners. That service satisfies owners', Leaseholders', and Freeholders' rights and obligations.

We take a neighbourly approach to Party Wall matters, consulting with Adjoining Owners and Freehold interests, ensuring transparency and an ethical approach to managing these sensitivities and emotions that this area of work can bring about.

We are able to offer surveys and support both before works commence and as documentation to support the resolution and remedy of work that has already started, or finished.

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